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Processing capability
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Through our understanding of materials and the processing capabilities of technology and processes, we can provide customers with the processing of the following materials;




Conductor material


Tinned copper wire, silver plated copper wire, nickel plated copper wire, bare copper wire


Alloy, pure nickel, and compensatory materials


From 0.0078 mm ² To 240 mm ²/ Cross section of wire from AWG 38 to AWG 4/0




Cable stranding


In multi stranded and twisted pair cables, the cable core can reach 2 to 37 strands


Insulation and sheathing materials


Fluorinated polymers: PTFE, PFA FEP, ETFE


Silicone rubber: standard mixture and customized application mixture+elastomer: TPV


Thermoplastic elastomers: TPE-U, TPE-E, TPE-O, TPE-V


Special thermoplastic materials: PEEK, PI


Inorganic materials: special fibers such as glass fiber, mica, ceramic fiber etc.


Irradiation crosslinking material: XL-PE


Thermoplastics: PP, PVC, PE


Insulation film: PTFE film, polyimide film


Wrapping tape


Film: PTFE tape, polyester tape, aluminum foil Mylar, copper, and special materials


Wrapping tape: glass fiber, mica, non-woven fabric, tissue paper




Shielding materials


Materials woven from bare copper, tin plated, silver plated, nickel plated, iron or special materials


Outer sheath


Made of galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire

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